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Broughton Pavilion Class

  • Thursday, 23 January 2014 10:59
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Dear Students and Parents

I have been asked by the Administrator of Broughton Pavilion to write to you concerning a missing door key.

On a number of occasions I have noticed when locking up after a lesson the door key has been missing from the keypad beside the door. Admittedly I have not checked for it's presence on entering the building when it is already in use. On each occasion I have informed the hall Administrator and also on each occasion the key has been returned through the letterbox.

This week I have received communication informing me that the key only disappears when MKUTA have hired the hall, intimating the disappearance is linked to our club.

The removal of the key whilst the building is in use raises an important security issue. The key is linked to the doors activating them in the case of fire. If the key is removed the doors will not respond and in the instance of a fire people may become trapped. While we hope this never happens it is important to have emergence exits in working order for personal safety and the safety of other users.

It is important that no one UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES removes the key.



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